Rep. Cody Horlacher calls for Republican Assembly leaderships to overturn Evers mask mandate

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Wisconsin Republican State Representative, Cody Horlacher (R), has come out strongly against Gov. Evers “unconstitutional” extension of the mask mandate. In a strongly worded letter, Horlacher urges his Assembly leadership, Speaker Robin Vos, to call in the Legislature to repeal the mandate. Under current law, the Republican majority can overturn Gov. Evers mandate. The state Assembly has a huge 63-33 majority and the State Senate has a 19-14 majority. Both Speaker Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has called for the courts to intervene, as opposed to coming back to Madison to overturn Gov. Evers orders.

In the letter, Horlacher makes reference to the fact that COVID cases have increased while the mask mandate has been in effect, and said that the mask mandate does not work. We reviewed the claim and determined that Horlacher is correct that cases have increased as the mask mandate went into effect.

You can read the full letter here:

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