Will Martin Announces Candidacy for Lt. Governor of Wisconsin

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Will Martin is small business owner, served under Governors Tommy Thompson and Scott Walker. Under Thompson, Martin managed the historic welfare to work program in Milwaukee County and under Walker he created 150 opportunity zones that came about due to the Trump tax cuts. He announced he is seeking the Republican nomination to become Wisconsin’s next Lieutenant Governor. He would be the seventh candidate to enter into the Republican Primary. His statement:

“Like so many Wisconsinites, I understand what it takes to run a small business…to work hard, deliver quality customer service, and have to meet expenses, including paying federal, state, and local taxes. As Lieutenant Governor, I will put my public- and private-sector experience to work helping our next Governor reform state government, wring out bureaucratic redundancy, and reduce taxes for Wisconsin’s small business owners and families,” said Will Martin.

“Our people and companies have been through unprecedented times, including a months-long shutdown of many sectors of the economy. Hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites lost their jobs, businesses, savings, and housing. Now, we are facing rising crime with a broken bail system that allows violent repeat offenders back on the streets; housing prices and rents that are increasingly out of reach for many; and record inflation, which also affects how much hardworking Wisconsinites are paying in gas, sales, and property taxes. Many companies of all sizes are struggling to attract and retain the skilled workforce they need to compete.

“In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to have experienced leadership in our next Governor and Lieutenant Governor. The next Governor and I will always remember that we work for you, not the other way around.”

Watch Will’s full announcement video by clicking below:

Will Martin | Martin for Wisconsin Lt. Governor 2022 (will4ltgovernor.com)