Wisconsin Conservative Digest Announces the Future Wisconsin Conference

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Wisconsin Conservative Digest is governed by three things:

  1. Keep the Moral High Ground
  2. Do the Right Thing
  3. Solve problems

Our first major goals this year are:

1. Push schools, state, and local areas to teach kids to read.

No matter how much money we throw at schools if they do not lead and teach the kids we are failing our families

2. Fentanyl Crisis; The left and some Nutty GOP leaders want to push the legalization of pot which is now killing our kids.

Overdose deaths: Wisconsin: 2000 this year, 109,000 across the USA.

Making Recreational Drugs seem harmed leads the kids to try pot then 16% or so will go on to use the heavier stuff to get a bigger high.

I was Clinical Pharmacist for 50 years; in Nursing homes and rehab. If you saw people dying from the use of hard drugs: meth, coke, Heroin LSD, and many other you would never touch any more hard drugs.

We cut way back on people smoking and now they want to push us to use recreational drugs.

Wisconsin Conservative Digest, Badger Institute, & MacIver Institute will put on:

February 4th

Future Wisconsin Conference

Hampton Inn, West Allis

From 0830 to 1600

Free Pizza lunch at Noon!

American Majority will put on a Political Training Program from 1330 to 1600

Then a program from Bob Spindell about having Free and honest Elections plus we must work with GOP as they are our vehicle to bring Conservatives Back to Power to make Wisconsin a Great place to live, work and play.

We like it here.

Save our babies and protect our 2nd amendment RIGHTS.

This program is free.

To put on all of these conferences we must put money in ourselves, but also get donations. So if you can help to Forward all of our messages, come to the events spread the word we can do more. We are an extremely frugal organization and do not take out any money for salaries or expenses.

Bob Dohnal, Publisher

Wisconsin Conservative Digest



Help us pay for this program. We usually put it in half, then donations cover the other half. The more donations the more parties like:

St.Patricks Day party

March 16th

From 1700h 2200 h


Fee pizza dinner at 1700 to 1930.

Clifford’s SupperClub

Hales corners