Wisconsin Conservative Digest Defends Hilarious Smears Against Tim Michels by Scott Walker

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Wisconsin Conservative Digest Defends Hilarious Smears Against Tim Michels by Scott Walker

Memo to Scott Walker:

Scott, only you and Bugs Bunny would produce such an outrageously funny SMEAR, against one of our most prominent persons and companies. The Rebecca Kleefisch team must really be in the DUMP.

Tim Michels is in it for himself. FUNNY BS. We all know that we need a Governor that will fix the problems that were ignored the last 20 years, since Tommy Thompson left office, and while you were running for President.

Who was in it for themselves? You. And Rebecca Kleefisch who has launched off the public dole for millions of dollars the last 30 years while Tim Michels has built one of the country’s biggest construction companies and gained money from hard fought bidding contests in this and other states.

I worked in building construction for 50 years. No one hands you a dime in that business, you must earn it.

Rebecca was born in Michigan, raised in Ohio and came in as a cheerleader for a TV station. Tim Michles was born here, with a shovel in his hand and lived here all his life except for times in the 82nd Airborne Rangers, just like my kids, and to work on major construction projects that needed CLOSE SUPERVISION.

Tommy Thompson went off to DC to run HHS, would you then claim he was not in state and is not qualified to run for office in Wisconsin? Your hilarious reasoning that the VOTERS of Wisconsin are laughing at are the silly, false claim of the gas tax. Your comical claims that Tim Michels were in a group over a decade ago that was looking for more revenue to rebuild the deteriorating roads you left us with, and that Tim is now for a gas tax- SILLY.

Now we know that with electric, hybrid, and more fuel-efficient cars we do not have the revenue entering the transportation fund and we must take money from the GENERAL FUND to rebuild our neglected roads. Now we are NOT calling you Governor POTHOLE as the DEMS did, but we all live on taking our farm and manufacturing goods out over bad roads, so we must rebuild them. Tim Michels will rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and will do it without raising the gas tax.

We all live on what comes over our roads.

I have known Tim Michels for decades. I worked for him to go to the US Senate and have never heard of him pushing any tax increases. This little FABLE (SMEAR) you are pushing is BASELESS and WRONG.

Scott- it is best you spend your time looking for solutions to Wisconsin problems that you left undone, instead of silly attacks on a man like Tim Michels who built things and ran large successful operations.

The only reason a sane man, unlike most of you politicos, who live off the dole, leaves private business is to fix the messes that have been made the last 20 years in this state. By the politicians since Tommy LEFT!

I look at the things we the citizens of Wisconsin have thrown money at the last 25 years from both parties, and during your tenure as Governor, which has yielded no results:

  1. Kids cannot read
  2. 12 Public School Districts that do not function with MPS being A “National disgrace” by Obama’s own Arne Duncan. MPS has been a mess for decades, yet no one does anything, and we are LOSING lots of INNER-CITY KIDS, which is why we have formed the “Jean Dohnal Foundation for Reading Improvement”
  3. Carjackings up five hundred plus percent
  4. 12,000 stolen cars per year
  5. Overdose deaths over two thousand, up from one hundred decades ago.
  6. Potholes in city roads
  7. Juvie Justice a mess
  8. Kids deep in debt from college

I could go on but let us try to fix those by having some new blood come in and offset the worn-out ideas of the last 20 years since Tommy Thompson left office.

What really concerns me is the failure of Rebecca Kleefisch to raise the money necessary to mount a serious campaign against Gov. Evers. She has less than one-third of what Evers is raising to win!