Wisconsin GOP Crap Budget Solves Nothing

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Look at the situation that we are in statewide in Wisconsin. Gov. Evers is not hated, polls well, and is likeable which cannot be said for former Governors Doyle and Walker. Voters see him like Ike, as the kindly old gramps who is throwing money at everyone with some very modest tax increase.

As a state, where are we (GOP)? The education people still hate us, and they teach about 800,000 kids being taught in schools in our state. That is political disaster or us. Act 10 helped, and I supported it, but it did not save any money as all the referendums are passing on the local level. It did not stop the unions as 40% that are left are all the workers, and dedicated lefties. The Dems and their left-wing groups sent highly trained, paid activists and organizers into suburbs that we use to win- Wauwatosa, Ozaukee County and Oconomowoc. And they were successful at flipping votes in these areas. Sensenbrenner and I warned the GOP that the left was creeping into these areas- which they naturally ignored us. That is why we lost 12 in row.

Math, reading, science scores are DOWN in school districts across the state. Common core is a mess, kids cannot read. MPS is a national disgrace, but nothing happens and both parties ignore this.

The Governor, Legislature argue about money and funding schools, but no one mentions excellence.

National Lefties feed millions to the teacher’s union to do grassroots, ballot harvesting, and the GOP is asleep. We should demand excellence, transparency, accountability, and responsibility from our K-12 system. The GOP continues to fund these schools, schools that teach kids they are oppressed or oppressors.

The political left is much more interested in black people suffering then black accomplishment and excellence. Black history is about victimization at the hands of whites while no one pushes education and jobs,” says Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal.

We ignore these voters.

Voces de la Frontera canvassed 30,000 homes per year, and we ignore the Hispanic vote. Ken Clasen and I, in 1998, put together a plan to go after the Hispanic vote on the southside and former GOP Chairman, Rick Graber, laughed at us. They just run more ads and made consultants rich. Which is what we continue to do, today. We only won in 2010 and 2014 because they were wave years.

Blue collar voters are ours for the taking. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, over 800K did not vote in 2018. They are 67% of Wisconsin families, yet we have no plan to go after them. The urban progressives hate them, and we ignore them. What is the GOP thinking, let alone even doing? Shit!

Everyone north of Portage hates Mad city and everywhere else too. They believe that Mad city is bought and paid for by big money and lobbyists.

What did we do this budget? Our Republican Legislature passed a Paul Ryan style tax cut where all the big money goes to $100,000 and over while the blue-collar families get some crumbs, handing the left the biggest issue yet. Boy, can they make hay of that. The GOP hates its base and love its donors.

All the big problems are ignored by both sides for last 20 years: Crime, Drugs, overdose deaths, carjacking, auto theft, burglary, robberies, muggings, riots.  We have mob rule. Fix the damn roads in the cities.

Wonder why we lose 12 in row? I ask people: Name me the big accomplishments of the last 20 years and they look blank. And the way the GOP are acting now, it is like they are preparing to lose again. Sad!

My longtime friend and mentor: Judge John Shabaz, now deceased, used to tell us “we are here to do something, not just get re-elected”. The last 20 years have seen very few problems solved most are worse.

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