Wisconsin has election integrity bills going through the Legislature

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Wisconsin has election integrity bills going through the Legislature, here is how you can find out more information:

Friends- Election Integrity is the #1 issue for conservative voters. At the Wisconsin Conservative Digest, we have surveyed those who attend CPEC and our Election Integrity event and can confirm this.

The State Senate, led by Sen. Duey Stroebel’s office has taken the lead on election integrity matters. The Senate has acted on four bills, we need the Senate to continue their work (as they have, see below) and we need the State Assembly to pass these bills. I worked in the Legislature for Sen. Stroebel, and I can assure you he sees this issue just as the activist who attend our events do.

We need to send these bills to Ever’s desk, where he is likely to veto. Continue to speak up and pressure your lawmakers- do so respectively, persuasively and do your research.

If you are interested in being a poll worker, observer please contact Debbie Morin and Sharon Foley who email is in the TO: section.

Below, I have included three updates. Please share this if you have social media or an email list. Copy and Paste is fine, no credit needed.

1. State Senate passes 4 election integrity bills, sending them to the assembly
2. Senate Election Committee hears 4 election integrity bills
3. RPW Election Integrity bill tracker

1. State Senate passes 4 election integrity bills, sending them to the Assembly

SB 207 protects Wisconsin elections from out-of-state billionaires who attempt to buy elections through election administration. “Election administration is a sacred function of government and it should never be for sale. Out-of-state billionaires must never be the ones who pay for election administration in our state,” Stroebel said. The bill passed the Senate on a voice vote.

SB 208 increases transparency at the Wisconsin Elections Commission by requiring the online publication of the Commission’s meeting minutes. “We require small towns and other governing bodies to post meeting minutes, it just makes sense to require the same of the Elections Commission. Meeting minutes allow citizens to quickly stay up-to-date on the latest decisions that impact their lives and I’m glad this bill passed the Senate,” commented Stroebel.

SB 213, the final Stroebel bill passed, expands enforcement options for election law violations. First, the bill authorizes parties to an election law dispute to immediately pursue a judicial remedy in court if they choose to not use the existing WEC complaint process. Second, the bill authorizes District Attorneys in any county to investigate election law violations in an adjacent county. The bill preserves the right of DAs to also investigate election law violations within their own county.

The fourth bill, SB 210, is authored by Sen. Darling and establishes stronger protections for election and recount observers.

2. Senate Election Committee hears 4 election integrity bills


Senate Bill 204: absentee ballot applications, unsolicited mailing or transmission of absentee ballot applications and absentee ballots, canvassing absentee ballots, electronic voter registration, and providing a penalty.

Senate Bill 205: absentee voting in certain residential care facilities and retirement homes and providing a penalty.

Senate Bill 211 applications for absentee ballots.

Senate Bill 214 early canvassing of absentee ballots, issuance of presidential ballots, combined polling places, timeline for sending or transmitting absentee ballots, nomination papers for certain independent candidates, and providing a penalty.

3. Election Integrity Dashboard

We wanted to make sure that you were easily able to follow along with all the progress the state legislature and the RPW Election Reform Taskforce were making on reforming our election laws. For example: did you know that there were 4 election reform bills that the Senate approved and sent over to the Assembly yesterday?

Find out more details on all the election reform bills below!

While Governor Evers is likely to veto any election reform bill that would uphold the integrity of the law and make our election more secure, his lack of leadership will not deter Republicans from fighting for this issue and we will explore all possible solutions to fix our electoral process.

Be sure to share the link within your network so that everyone is able to catch up on all the work we are doing on election reform.

Click here to check out our new Election Integrity Dashboard!