Wisconsin Needs A Self-Defense and Firearms Freedom Act

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Beyond the political rhetoric of a polarized and emotionally charged America, there is a growing fear among both sides of the political spectrum. Though some may deny it, there is a real and growing fear of increasingly dangerous cities, politicized policing and prosecution, and the undermining of our fundamental Constitutional Rights.

The Summer of 2020 taught America a lot.

One of the most important lessons? You can be a Republican voter, or you can be a Republican elected official; you can have voted straight Democrat your entire life, or you can be a local Democrat politician just out for a stroll. In the end, you are not immune to the violence. No one is, and this fact is frightening for everyone not blinded by partisanship. This is why the number of new gun owners went from growing 23% per year on average to 67% last year. These are not hardcore right-wingers buying guns. They are not even moderate Republicans. These are left-leaning moderates and lifelong Democrats scared to death of the McClosky treatment.

Self-defense is not a crime, nor should it be treated as such. Self-preservation is color blind. Yet, suppose anyone dares stand up to the unrelenting violence of BLM or their ANTIFA cohorts? In that case, they are branded “white supremacists” by DA’s that have less interest in upholding justice than they do upholding a toxic racial, political dogma.

Self Defense and the Right to Bear Arms

The first law of nature is to survive. Everyone has the right to preserve their life. We are born with an intrinsic imperative to perpetuate our existence on this planet. From the smallest microbe to the largest predators, one thing unites us, our need to stay alive.

I stated in the above paragraph the facts by which this country created its Bill of Rights. Natural law. That is why the incoming political regime remains an alarming and unsettling one for a good deal of Americans. The President of the United States and his political cronies in the DNC openly seek to subvert one of the very laws of nature. They will do this by stripping the citizenry of their right to bear arms, by gutting the second amendment stem to stern.

Our State must do what is right, and put in a lattice of legislation that will act to reinforce our rights, and send a clear signal to Washington, “We will not allow you to act belligerently, and we sure as heck won’t let you strip our citizens of their God-given rights.”

WGO’s promise to fight for every Wisconsinite

As the Executive Director of Wisconsin Gun Owners, I have sought to push a legislative agenda that will be effective in empowering law-abiding citizens to protect themselves from politicized policing, politicized prosecution, and politically motivated violence.

An overhaul of how the law operates when it comes to legal and lawful self-defense is necessary to go forward and restore peace in our communities. An armed society is a polite society. We must ensure we allow equal access to concealed carry across the board, which means doing away with CCW licenses that many cannot afford and restrict access to a Civil and Natural Right for all.

We must allow students and faculty to feel safe, confident, and empowered to ensure their security when learning, teaching, or administering on campuses across the Badger State.

Most importantly, we must not persecute those law-abiding gun owners and carriers that act in defense of their life and the lives of their families. The law says, “Well, you can carry, but you better not defend yourself.”

What good is the right to carry your firearm without the necessary legal protection to defend yourself and your family? When the government says you cannot act in your own defense and proceeds with politically motivated prosecution that favors the criminal, that is when we need these laws most.

As the Executive Director of WGO, I have vowed to be relentless in my push to defend the Second Amendment in Wisconsin. I have been talking with a few receptive Republican legislatures (and am willing to work with any receptive Democrats) to introduce, The Wisconsin Self-Defense and Firearms Freedom Act.

This bill would include a Stand Your Ground law; by which law-abiding citizens have no obligation to retreat in the face of a force that they perceive as being deadly or that would cause grievous bodily harm.

Constitutional Carry; which would remove the CCW licensing requirement for carrying concealed. A practice that acts as a barrier for many people in underprivileged and low-income neighborhoods. People who need the right to self-defense most. It would also bar any County, City, Township, Municipality, etc., from skirting the law by creating locality-based licensing requirements.

Finally, we have Campus Carry. A law that would allow students, faculty, or visitors to concealed carry on any campus directly administered by the State of Wisconsin or that receives our tax dollars.

I have spoken to many of our Members, and they want this legislative package; but there is going to be resistance from the establishment. We must wholeheartedly support any State Senator or Assembly person that expresses interest in this bill. We must stand behind the patriots in our legislature. WE THE PEOPLE must demand BETTER!






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Thomas Leager is the newly appointed Executive Director of Wisconsin Gun Owners, as of Jan 1st, 2021. He is a resident of Madison and a life-long Wisconsinite. He has been a pro-gun/pro-constitution activist for going on seven years and has been involved in organizing several large peaceful protests aimed at securing Constitutional Rights, especially the Second Amendment. His legislative agenda includes the Wisconsin Self-Defense and Firearm Freedom Act, which is outlined in the article. Thomas has recently been working on an offensive legislative push, in the wake of recent and unprecedented attacks on our Right to Bear Arms and the Defund the Police movement, that has resulted in mass violence in Wisconsin and across the country.