Wisconsin Union Membership Drops for Third Consecutive Year

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Annual Report Shows 1,000 More Wisconsinites Rejected Union Membership In 2019

Since 2009, Union Membership In Wisconsin Has Dropped 43%

By Lexi Dittrich

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recently published its annual report on union membership for 2019. The data release shows a continuing trend of declining union membership at the national level and here in Wisconsin.

In 2019, Wisconsin was home to 2,698,000 workers. Of the 2,698,000 workers, 218,000 of them were union members. The year before, there were 219,000 union members, a decrease of 1,000. While the number of union members dropped by 1,000, the number of workers dropped as well, keeping the percentage of Wisconsin workers who belong to a union at 8.1 percent.

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