Wisconsin’s Unprepared High School Graduates

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Students from 186 Wisconsin High Schools Needed Remedial Classes at UW System

Report shows over 5,000 students arrive at college woefully unprepared


By Ola Lisowski

A new report shows that students from 186 Wisconsin high schools were required to take remedial math or English when they entered the UW System as freshmen in the fall of 2018.

The UW System report tracks the number of students from each Wisconsin high school who were required to take remedial math, English, or both.


Students taking remedial classes at the UW system pay full tuition for the courses but receive zero college credit. The classes do not count toward degree completion and students must pass them before moving on to regular coursework.

Students who take remedial classes in college are less likely to graduate, leaving them with thousands of dollars of debt and no degree. If they do graduate, remedial classes extend their time spent in school and increase their college debt.

Of the 186 schools listed in the report, 172 are public schools and 12 are private schools.

To read the full story, see more charts, and to find out which “5-star” schools are included on the remedial list, vistit The MacIver Institute website.